Our Story

Hello I’m Mike Baker (Broker). I started in the real estate market around 2004, investing in renovation projects. In 2007 I noticed the market was slowing and moved into buying rental property. I continued this activity until 2014 when I became a realtor. As a realtor I worked with clients to procure properties for their personal residence as well as for investment properties. In 2016 I joined Fortune Builders and made some amazing contacts. Both locally and nationally. This helped me immensely, to grow my network, to have the opportunity to invest and help others invest. In 2020 I became a Licensed Broker in LA with an office located in the Shreveport area. My goal is to provide the best experience possible with accurate assessments of the situation and straight forward communication. This is something I have found lacking in our community.

My personal experience with my rental portfolio gives me the ability to understand the importance of cost saving repairs while maintaining or improving the value of the asset. As a seasoned Real Estate investor I have contacts for investor friendly lending. This helps for those new to Real Estate investing and could help others that may need to expand their lender portfolio.

Our Mission Statement: To provide an unparalleled experience to our clients. Communicating the situation honestly, giving them an accurate opinion of value, and, in turn helping them to achieve their goals. To help improve lives in general, if we can.

Published 02/21/2020